For foreign company

We will provide valuable consultation on the Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Russia) market and opportunities in these markets to sell sporting goods or your services provided for the working organizations in the field of sporting goods or services from foreign countries. We will also help you find local partners, to conduct market investigation, deliver your sold goods or services in different markets. Another of our proposed service is monitoring of local sporting events and their audience research.

The Baltic market research. Each market has its own specifics.

The unawareness of the features leads to the errors in business and specific economic loss. We organize and implement in-depth market research related with the field of sport to sell your service or good, provide their analysis and recommendations to researchers.

Representation of product/service and search for local partners.

We will help you find your potential business partners, clients and visitors.

“Introduction to the market” of the product/service and organization of publicity.

”Introduction to the market” advertising campaigns, presentations of product/service, organization of business related to the field of sport in the Baltic markets.

Monitoring of sports events and audience research.

We can make monitoring of sports events, carry out the research on the size and quality of the audiences according to your needs.